Explore Bunaken without boredom

a tropical adventure

The capital of north Sulawesi, Manado is mainly seen as a stopping off point for spectacular diving and snorkeling at the Bunaken marine reserve. To explore this spectacular point you either can stay in Bunaken island itself (there are some resorts) or just base yourself outside the island, there are many hotels in Manado that offer packages to explore this island and water activities.

The difference between this 2 option is: if you stay in the resort inside the island (Bunaken):

  • +you will be able to enjoy the island, the beach and explore island itself with no limit, and whenever you feel to like swimming just jump into the water, yeah! some resorts in Bunaken offer fun/challenging packages so no need to worry in case you are running out of activities.
  • -you can’t order some special food or when you feel craving for specific food you need to across the sea to get it, you can only get internet connection in a public area in the resort.
  • Yah you need to bring friends, more friends more fun, books, sunglasses and sunblock creams.

If you choose to stay in outside the island:

  • +well you can still live in a luxuly hotel, not worrying about internet connections – you can get it in your room, and whenever you feel bored just go out to explore the Manado city, it is bigger than the Bunaken island, so need time to finish it, joking. And whenever you want to explore the pretty Bunaken area just call the receptionist! Easy isn’t it?
  • –you stuck in daily life, rush hours, feel like not in vacation (maybe).
  • if this is your choice, then all you need is a bunch of money:), sunglasses, and sunblock cream.

Enjoy Manado and Bunaken !

Enjoy your holiday !


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